체스키 크룸로프 열기구 여행


A special tour flying above the beautiful bohemian
village Cesky Krumlov, which has been designated
as UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Our Speciality

  • Exclusive contract with Promo Air,
    the biggest hot air balloon company
    in the Czech Republic.
  • Flying with well-experienced and
    qualified pilots. Accident-free flying
    since the first flight in 1992.
  • A beautiful view of the nature and
    cultural sites of the Czech Republic
    from 500 m above the ground.
  • 2 Flights a day – Sunrise or Sunset
  • Complimentary transfer service
    from the meeting point to the
    take off point.
  • A special celebration and
    champagne toast after the flight.

Tour program

  • 1

    Booking Confirmation

    Confirmation voucher will be sent after the reservation
    is completed and the fixed meeting time
    will be informed a day before the flight.

  • 2


    Meet your pilot at the meeting point
    (or hotel)
    and move to the take off point.

  • 3

    Prepare the balloon for flight.

    Inflate the balloon with hot air.

  • 4

    Flight time: approximately 40 – 60 min.

    Enjoy the views, nature, and
    unforgettable moment on board.

  • 5

    Ceremony For Baron title

    Ceremony For Baron After flight,
    enjoy a special celebration

  • 6

    Certification & Cheers!

    Champagne toast and get your certification.

  • 7

    Back to meeting point (or hotel).

Total time for the tour:

approximately 4 hours

The scheduled flight time

For sunrise flight, within 2 hours after sunrise.
For sunset, within 2 hours before sunset.
* Meeting time varies depending on the take-off points.
Jan. 7:30am 4:00pm
Feb. 6:50am 4:50pm
Mar. 5:50am 5:40pm
Apr. 5:40am 7:35pm
May. 5:00am 8:20pm
Jun. 4:55am 9:00pm
Jul. 5:30am 9:15pm
Aug. 6:15am 8:45pm
Sep. 7:00am 7:45pm
Oct. 6:50am 6:40pm
Nov. 7:35am 4:40pm
Dec. 8:00am 4:10pm

Meeting Point

Address : Chvalsinska 138, Cesky Krumlov
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Flight Type
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Total Price

5000 Kc

1,000 Kc = approx. 40 euro